About Us

Ari is obsessed with peppermint chocolate, book covers, and soft blankets. Books, however, will always reign over her heart. Formerly a literary intern, she studies English Lit and Japanese at the Univ. of Washington. It’s her dream and passion to be buried beneath towers of manuscripts ❤️.  As part of that dream, she created Bookish Valhalla, and is a co-founder of CraftQuest.

Outside of wordy thingies, she dabbles in photography, video-gaming, and astronomy. If you can’t find her around here, check the nearest wardrobe, train platform, or rabbit hole. She can’t have gone far!

Her favorite genres to read include: urban fantasy | science fiction | horror | grimdark | thrillers | contemporary | poetry. You can find a full list of what she loves to read here.

AJ is a life-long reader and writer.

She works as an editor and content manager, helping companies in a wide area of fields promote themselves via the written word. Sometimes, she still finds time to write for pleasure, too!

Outside of the written word, AJ loves belly dancing, experimenting with makeup, drinking tea, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.



Nicole spent 30 years in the desert and sunshine and has now moved to the Seattle climate of overcast and rain. All. the. time. But change brings the chance to grow!

An engineer by day, a performer by night, she finds there’s never enough time in the day to do all that she wants to do. But you have to try everything at least once, right?

Her favorite genres to read include:  historical fiction, fantasy, and thriller. Her favorite picture books are Art History.


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