About Us

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Meet Nicole:

Hello, everyone! My name is Nicole.
I spent the first 30 years of my life in Phoenix, Arizona and now I’ve moved to the FB_IMG_1526020882301opposite climate: Seattle, Washington.

My three dogs take up about half of my life. One cattle dog, one cattle dog-mix, and one yellow lab-mix. All three rescues, and all three are a handful. My favorite activity with them is to take them running. My goal is to one day tire them out…

And then other half of my life:
I’m an engineer that loves to problem solve, but also loves to balance out her life with a heavy dosage of all the arts. I dance, I paint, I create things, I play instruments, I read, I perform. And yet, I am an introvert. So when I’m not out on stage, I love to curl up with a good book or video game. I’ll be honest, I’m a well-rounded nerd. 😊

I’ve loved reading since I was a child, but I get addicted almost to the point of interferring with my productivity to get anything else done…so sometimes I have to give myself a break. 😇

I read such a strange compilation: historical fiction, dystopian, and fantasy are my favorite types.

I am excited to be reviewing for this group. I cannot wait to see what new adventures are in store! I hope you enjoy!

Meet Ari :

Hi there! My name is Ari and I’m the founder of Ravenous for Reads.

In 2017, I moved from Pittsburgh to Seattle, Washington with my partner, Chris. I study English Literature at University, with a minor focus in Asian Lit. I work PT at a Fair-trade clothing store and volunteer as an adult tutor at the local library.

I love wearing more than one hat: I’m a book blogger, a sales associate, a photographer, an editor, a writer, and, as of 2018, a co-founder of CraftQuest – a round table styled live stream of writers chatting about the literary rabbit hole.

You can summarize me in the following way: Overachieving ENFP Ravenclaw who enjoys juggling projects bigger than her head and diving into a sea of stories when there’s a moment to spare.

Since I was a teen, I found books to be a place of entertainment, excitement, and escape. Stories captivated my heart, moved me to tears, and taught me more about life than most of the adults I knew. So, reading is like breathing for me. It’s a part of my anatomy now.

Preferred genres to read:YA/Adult SF + Fantasy. Magical Realism, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Poetry, Horror, Thriller, and Urban Fantasies. Most subgenres and cross genres of SFF are welcome. I’m weird…I’ll read almost anything as long as it’s good ♥

I do not read: Romance, Erotica, Non-Fiction, Memoirs, or Autobiographies.