What Is Bookish Valhalla?

Bookish Valhalla is a place with a deep appreciation for the whimsical, the strange, darkly twisted, and the lovely.

It’s where books become legends; it’s where “just one more chapter” wukk bever be enough–and we totally get that.

We read a mix of YA and adult stories, predominantly of the science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and horror genres. That said, some of our nichest posts delve into folklore, poetry, anime, taboo discussions, and the writing process. 

As Book Valkyries, we’re wild about all kinds of stories from various artistic corners, and believe there’s more to a booklover’s life than passive reading; stories, after all, are meant to be lived and actively explored, regardless of form.

Bookish Valhalla is pretty much for the eclectic reader who isn’t afraid to step off the beaten path and get a little lost in something weird or wonderful.

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Raven Mail: Our Upcoming Newsletter

A newsletter, RAVEN MAIL, is in the works. We hope to have it running at the start of August. 

Those who sign up for Raven Mail will receive:

  • Exclusive bookish freebies
  • Monthly goodies
  • Entry into giveaways
  • Votes on future posts
  • Monthly shout outs for active Valkyries
  • Sneak peeks, updates, and so much more!
Raven Mail is exclusively for those who sign up to become fellow Valkyries and actively participate in the reading community. As such, certain perks of this newsletter may only apply to those who engage with the book community both in Bookish Valhalla or as a whole. Our goal is to cultivate a community of readers who interact, grow, challenge, and inspire each other through our mutual love of stories.

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