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Jen at Bookish ValhallaMeet Jen

Jen is an introverted reader and occasional writer. An English student at Univ. of Washington, she’s a science fiction lover with a killer Marvel Bro passion. Total nerd. Caffeine addict. The works. Oh, and did she mention she’s an introvert?

Her favorite genres include at the moment, Jen is ALL ABOUT HARD SCI-FI. She’s into robots, AI — that kind of stuff. Although she loves super her stories, she’s not interested in reading them at the moment. 

Jen is CLOSED to requests at this time.





Ari Augustine at Bookish ValhallaMeet Ari

Ari is obsessed with peppermint chocolate, video-gaming, and absorbing the world through a camera lens.  Her heart, however, will always belong to stories, and the awesome humans who write them. It’s her dream to do it all: read, write, edit, and agent.

In 2016, she created Bookish Valhalla, a slice of the bookverse for Valkyries on the hunt for stories to sink their talons into. In 2018, she co-founded CraftQuest  with Maria Tureaud, where she works as a developmental editor. Formerly a literary intern, she studies English Literature and Japanese. 

As a reader with eclectic interests, Ari’s favorite genres include:

  • YA and Adult Fantasy. She prefers low to high fantasy, with a deep appreciation for urban, grimdark, and gothic. Bonus points for new twists on folklore, mythos, lores, and legends. She’s interested in reading more magical realism and portal fantasy. To better understand her tastes, check out her reviews.
  • YA and Adult horror. She adores gothic settings akin to Madeleine Roux’s House of Furies haunted by hordes of ghosts, supernatural phenomena, or the occult.
  • Adult Science Fiction. She enjoys cyberpunk, biopunk, steampunk, soft sf, dying earth, military sf, alt history, and apocalyptic. She’s not a huge fan of dystopians, sorry.
  • Adult thrillers. Ari loves to be on the edge of her seat, skin blooming with goosebumps. Give her all your supernatural thrillers, psych, techno, mysteries, or stories of suspense. The darker and twistier, the better.
  • Poetry and short, experimental prose. Ari is an oddball whose love of literature began with poetry and prose. So she loves to read in this form & genre.

Preferred formats: Paperback is highly preferred, but if unavailable, mobi or PDF.



Meet Morgan

Morgan has been a devourer of books since she learned how to read and has always been a passionate storyteller! She is currently an education director for a nonprofit and formerly a science teacher which is why she loves books that are hard on the sci. Outside of reading and writing, her hobbies include playing D&D, snuggling with her three-legged kitty, hiking the wilderness with her hubs and dogs and seeing as much of the world as she can.

Her favorite genres include: fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, horror and apocalyptic.

Not a fan of: Anything with explicit rape/sexual assault/incest are not for her. She’s fine with sexual tones, but doesn’t want to read about someone being sexually assaulted or abused.

Preferred formats: all formats are fine.


Meet Hunter

Hunter is a long time reader and writer, and a soon to be self-published author herself! She is a tea addict, a heal and environment enthusiast, and an animal lover. She grew up in the ice cold Minnesota, but now resides in the deserts of Arizona. She is a college student studying business and a part time worker by day, and an artist by night! Hunter’s other hobbies include dance, yoga, drawing, photography, cooking, and swimming.

Her favorite genres: dystopian/apocalyptic, fantasy, poetry, and a little mystery!

Not a fan of: steampunk/cyberpunk, horror, Gothic, thriller, and graphic novels/manga.

Preferred formats: all formats are fine.


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