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    Book Review: A Modern Day Hávamál by Donngal mac Ronain

    Bookish Valhalla: Modern Day Havamal Review Image

    As a novice of Norse Heathenry and Norse Mythology, I was excited to start reading Donngal mac Ranain’s interpretation of the Hávamál in a modern context. Gone is the old school patriarchal ideology, in with a new gender neutral and more approachable book of Odin’s wisdom. “[59] If you have work to do, get up early and get it done. If you lay there and do nothing, you will lose more than time.”– Odin What I loved about the book was how easy it was to read. It was something that did not need to be deciphered. Older versions can be hard to follow because they are written in an…

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    Book Review: Fusion World by Joseph Tamone

    I was excited to read Fusion World because I love a good mystery. The biggest mystery was, of course, what is the Fusion World Project? Additionally, I love a good book about humans terraforming the stars. How do these humans’ progress in culture and technology? What of their culture? Is it alien or is it like ours? So, I started reading and it was definitely interesting but not what I expected. What I liked What Joseph Tamone excelled at was world building. I was intrigued by the different cultures from each planet and the struggles of the Rafian refugees. The characters had all been affected by the Vyndral leadership in…

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