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    Q&A With Michael Williams, Author Of Dominic’s Ghost

    This week, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Williams, author of the upcoming release Dominic’s Ghost, a Mythic novel set in modern day midwest. As part of an amazing blog tour with TCM Publicity, I couldn’t wait to dig deep into the roots of what Dominic’s Ghost was all about and how it can to be. So, Williams, thanks in advance for doing this interview with me!

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    Fantastical Q&A With Stephen Zimmer, Author of Dream of the Navigator

      “1984 and Brave New World meets Narnia” in this exciting new young adult release from award-wining author Stephen Zimmer.  Four main characters begin their journeys in the Faraway Saga, a tale that invites readers to explore infinite horizons! [divider] [RAVENOUS]: Tell me about Dream of the Navigator. What inspired you to write it? [ZIMMER]: A lot of things came together to inspire Dream of the Navigator.  Watching trends in society and technology, and patterns, definitely inspired the vision of the massive technates that serve as the main population centers within the world portrayed in the book.  It is a fusion of dystopian and utopian elements that are used by…

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    Steel Roots Blog Tour: Q&A With Author JL Mulvihill

      [RAVENOUS]: Tell me about Steel Roots series, what inspired you to write it? [MULVIHILL]: Steel Roots is about a young girl named AB’Gale (Abby) whose father works for the railroad and disappears one day. Suddenly Abby loses her home and is thrown in a workinhouse. She must escape with the help from her new found friends, and try and find her father using a map given to her by a mysterious hobo. The idea of this story came to me in a conglomeration of things. I remember I was riding with some friends of mine to MystiCon in Roanoke, VA. We had driven from Mississippi and were almost to…

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    Monsterland Reanimated Blog Hop: Character Interview & Giveaway

    Interview with Vincent Konrad Q: Last we heard things weren’t going so well for you…to say the least. In fact, readers might be quite surprised to see that you’re still at the same old dastardly doings. What have you been up to since we left you? Well, despite having my head ripped off by a silly werewolf who didn’t receive a chip in the neck, I’m doing quite well actually. My handy sidekick Igor did a fantabulous job looking for my decapitated head and has me now hooked up to the machines underneath my park. I’m just waiting on my good friend Dr. Hugh Frasier to make it here. Plan…