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    Year Of Asian Stories | A 2019 Reading Challenge

    ❤️こんにちは, Lovely Readers❤️ I’m stoked to announce that Bookish Valhalla will be hosting a Year Of Asian Stories, our very first reading challenge in four years! I know, I know. Reading challenges typically begin in January and proceed throughout the year. In a perfect, little world, YOAS would have followed that narrative. But we like breaking the rules, and honestly, reading is fun no matter when you do it so long as you enjoy the book.

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    Book Babble: 2019 Releases I Am Freaking Out Over

    For the book lover, every season is a series of monthly celebrations. Christmas doesn’t stop on December 25th and ringing in the new year isn’t just about making resolutions to improve ourselves. Any moderately book-obsessed-word-owl will tell you that the world revolves around new releases and tbr piles. We live and breathe for the novels that have captured our hearts — and whatever book might come along next to woo us. Let me just say, with the covers I’ve seen so far, they are not playing games; these new releases are gorgeous and fierce and demand to be noticed.

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    Tuesday Tbr: Books To Celebrate Black History Month

    Let’s take a step back for a second and get real: I lack some serious diversity in my tbr pile. Most of the authors I read are women, Southeast Asian, or white men. Only one of the authors I have on my tbr shelf is anAfrican-American: Octavia Butler. THIS IS NOT OKAY.  IT’S A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF UNACCEPTABLE. With February being Black History Month, I decided to ask librarians for diverse book recommendations. They hooked me up with some awesome books that celebrate African-American writers. So, let’s talk about the books I’m reading for Black History Month:

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    August 2017 Read-a-thon

    Since the summer quarter of college ended, I couldn’t wait to get back into reading. There’s pleasure in reading because I want to and not because a paper is due next week.  From the moment I stepped into my apartment, I slid a book off the shelf. The sound of it was relief, a wanting I could deny no longer, and as I turned the first page, a sacred ritual of sorts, a sigh escaped — I was home. Here is everything I’ve read since that day. THE RAVEN BOYS by Maggie Stiefvater “There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve,” Neeve said. “Either you’re…

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