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    Blog Tour Blitz: What Lies In Paradise by Leah Cupps

    What Lies In Paradise by Leah Cupps

      What Lies in Paradise Leah Cupps Publication date: January 10th 2020 Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller She’s got 400,000 fans. One of them could be the killer.   Instagram Influencer Sydney Evans carefully curates her enviable public persona. Despite being freshly widowed, she’s eager to strike a pose at her best friend’s extravagant destination nuptials. But Sydney’s feed goes dark when she blacks out on the plane, awakening to discover another guest poisoned to death.   With the FBI keen to use Sydney as an insider, she takes the arm of a rookie undercover agent hoping to capture something incriminating. But a deadly run-in exposes a shocking criminal underbelly lurking…

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    Blog Blitz Tour: Sneak Peek Of Starlight by P.S Malcolm

    Starlight P.S. Malcolm (Starlight Chronicles) Publisher: Parliament House Publication date: December 10th 2019 Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult (age category) A treaty upholds the peaceful lands of Ersarence— who have suffered from the spilt blood of their humble goddess, Titania, which stains the hands of the ruthless Urenphians. Julian Rancewood— a small town delivery boy— wishes he could afford to save his dying mother. He never imagined a larger life for himself until he meets Adrina Hesfetter, the village seamstress’s daughter. After striking a deal with the elusive King’s advisor and joining the royal army, he finds himself helping to search for a missing, unknown heir. Against all odds, Adrina and…

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    Blog Tour: An Excerpt of DAY ZERO by Kelly Devos

    EXCERPT   Dr. Doomsday’s Guide to Ultimate Survival Rule One: Always be prepared. I exhale in relief when MacKenna pulls the car into the Halliwell’s Market parking lot. Because of the Sugar Sales Permit waiting list, old stores like these are the only places that carry Extra Jolt soda. I have to buy it myself, because Mom won’t keep any in the house. She thinks too much caffeine rots your brain or something. Halliwell’s is a squat brown building that sits across the street from the mall and is next door to the town’s only skyscraper. The First Federal Building was supposed to be the first piece of a suburban…

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    Would You Rather Book Tag

    The most adorable sweetie pie from Teacups & Torn Pages (Avhlee) tagged me on Twitter this week, inviting me to take part in this super fun book tag. I’ve been trying to be a bit more involved in the book blogging community, and so far, all you amazing lovelies have made it a blast xoxo Read Only Trilogies or Standalones? Trilogies all the way. Maybe it’s because I started my novel reading adventures with Forgotten Realms, of which there are dozens of sequels left and right, or maybe Harry Potter forever ruined any chance at settling for a single book (the more I read, the more of the world I loved). Whatever…

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