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    I Am 28 Today

    Dear Readers, There are plenty of people in my life who warn that turning 28 is the beginning of the end. 30 is stalking me like a future ex-boyfriend around the corner. A homeless man waves a sign that reads, “The End Is Neigh.”  A clock ticks. Lines are drawn in the dirt and gosh, those lines will take me anywhere but backward. Memory is not like water; it is lacy swiss. Everything will become gray. There is a poem in my pocket that talks of  lines and creases, crinkles that cannot – will not – be ironed out. There are plenty of people in my life who warn that…

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    Wordy Wednesdays: Colors

    This week I’m going to define colors and not just the boring ones! Why is this important? Why can’t one simple shade of blue be enough? Well, when it comes to descriptive writing, color influences tone. Color can represent emotion. Color can also have an effect on the reader. For example, describing a sunset as bright red will affect the reader differently than describing it as a soft corn-yellow. Variations in color can indicate variations in life.  Cerulean – a color of deep blue similar to a clear sky. Amaranth – Reddish-rose with a range between a purplish-red to a shade of magenta. Fossil – a cool shade of gray…

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    Elsewhere, We Became #4: Story Excerpt

    Excerpt: The Devils of Logan Lake No one with their wits about them wants to be a Newman. When Matthew Newman scrawled his family name into the ledger, we felt a shiver ripple through Logan Lake. The fir coats of the deciduous forest shook with warning and the soil dried and cracked, the harvest that season reduced to decayed vegetation. Locust infestations. Unnatural weathering that eroded the quaint appearance of the town – pellets of rain sharp as bullets, unearthly wind that sounded like a wailing child, the rusty red horizon that lasted for hours, bathing the town in a blood glow.

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