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    Q&A With Michael Williams, Author Of Dominic’s Ghost

    This week, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Williams, author of the upcoming release Dominic’s Ghost, a Mythic novel set in modern day midwest. As part of an amazing blog tour with TCM Publicity, I couldn’t wait to dig deep into the roots of what Dominic’s Ghost was all about and how it can to be. So, Williams, thanks in advance for doing this interview with me!

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    Q&A With R.R Campbell, Author of Imminent Dawn

    Hello my pretties! I’m kicking off the first weekend of February with an in-depth interview with the one and only R.R Campbell, author of the newly released science fiction thriller, IMMINENT DAWN. As part of this blog tour, I’ll be posting a review of the novel later today, where I will discuss my general thoughts and give you all the details without be spoilery (much). So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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    Fantastical Q&A With Stephen Zimmer, Author of Dream of the Navigator

      “1984 and Brave New World meets Narnia” in this exciting new young adult release from award-wining author Stephen Zimmer.  Four main characters begin their journeys in the Faraway Saga, a tale that invites readers to explore infinite horizons! [divider] [RAVENOUS]: Tell me about Dream of the Navigator. What inspired you to write it? [ZIMMER]: A lot of things came together to inspire Dream of the Navigator.  Watching trends in society and technology, and patterns, definitely inspired the vision of the massive technates that serve as the main population centers within the world portrayed in the book.  It is a fusion of dystopian and utopian elements that are used by…

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    [divider] Steampunk is an old genre that has been around since K. W. Jeter coined the phrase to describe his novel Morlock Night. Since then the genre has recognized that Jules Vern, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, and the like were writing steampunk long ago.  The years pass and the cog turns slowly at first until today we find that Steampunk is not only a genre but a movement. I find myself enamored with the aesthetics of this genre and love the feel of writing between the pages of history and fantasy. Steampunk is not real history but an alternative history which gives me carte blanche in my own little…

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