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    The Folklore Files: The Baldoon Mystery

    A story of Poltergeist Activity, Curses and Psychics. By N. J. McKay I first heard about the Baldoon Mystery while researching for an future podcast idea. I love the paranormal, anything that is unexplained, unknown or mysterious. These creepy tales have inspired me since I was in high school, they’ve even helped spur me in my writing, creating tales involving psychics and mediums, ghosts and shapeshifters, to witches and curses. Little did I know that this story contains them all. It all starts in a new Scottish settlement called Baldoon in the year 1830, located outside Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada, with John McDonald acquiring a piece of land. It seemed this…

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    The Pooka and the Fenodyree: Two Obscure Creatures from Celtic Mythology|The Folklore Files

    Celtic mythology teems with colorful creatures, from the tall, beautiful, godlike Tuatha De Danann (who inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s elven race) to the trickster Far Darrig (who inspired one of the most beloved characters I’ve written). Granted, my version of the Red One of Irish myth is less of a mischievous elf and more of a hottie Fae trickster.   In the course of my research for my contemporary fantasy trilogy, I delved deep into Celtic mythology and ancient Irish history. It would take a year’s worth of blog posts to explore it all, so I’ll give you a taste of two lesser-known entities in the realm of Irish myth.   The Pooka  According to Celtic folklore, the Puca or Pooka…

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