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    Writer In Motion | The Final Draft

    Week Four: Feedback & Reflection It’s week four of #WriterInMotion and, as usual, I’m fluttering about like a hummingbird with no head trying to do everything at once. Over the weekend, we moved into our very first house, and I’ve been editing Five Glass Flowers in the bathtub, crouched on the worn, wooden floors, and in between scrubbing out the cupboards in the kitchen. So it’s taken me quite a bit longer to get this draft posted (for good reasons!), but I’m happy to share this second round of CP edits and get this final draft out into the world. I was so blessed to have R.M Roffey and Shayna…

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    Writer In Motion | Round One of CP Revisions

    This week has been PACKED with edits for Five Glass Flowers and navigating round one of the Feedback Phase of #WriterInMotion.  First off, I was BLESSED to be paired with Jeff and Sara as Critique Partners for this round. They’re both writing Science Fiction as well and are familiar with some of the genre-specific elements I brought to my story.  So a massive THANK YOU to both of them for their invaluable insight, suggestions, and, of course, for trusting me with their work as well. Market & Genre: Science Fiction, Literary lean, Dystopian Word Count: 1,210 Loose Comparisons & Inspirations: Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, Orange by Ichigo Takano, and Inception. Trigger Warning: Five Glass Flowers is set…

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    Writer In Motion | Messy Self-Edited Draft

    Hello, Valkyries. And yes, this post is very late. Very, very late indeed! I wish I could say it was me procrastinating, but really, it was a mix of going off the deep end into world-building mode and then wrestingly my inner perfectionistic tyrant who likes to pick at everything.  I’ve been writing for years now and I know the self-edit phase is probably my worst. It’s not that I suck at editing (I mean, I am an editor) but there’s usually not enough time or distance between me and the project to edit without falling into the deep end. This is especially true when I’m stressed and I become extremely…

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    Lord of the Readathon: So It Begins

    Lord of the Readathon

    Calling all Valkyries to Middle Earth! The Beacons of Gondor have been lit, and we must answer its call, whether we creatures of darkness, light, or somewhere in between. It’s July, which means it’s time for THE LORD OF THE READATHON CHALLENGE ⚔️ 👑🐉    Ever since I took a class two quarters ago called Tolkien: A Mythology For England, I’ve been slowly dipping my toes back into his works and the classical stories that inspired his Middle Earth. In truth, I took a break because my university liked to rehash the same old books–Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein, Shakespeare–without ever really having a refreshing, meaningful discussion about them,…

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