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    DNF Review: The Maven Knight by Matthew Romeo

    I have never done one of these before, but here it goes, I DNF’d this one. via GIPHY I worked through to halfway and had to stop. I wanted so so badly to love this story! It’s everything I normally like, high and epic fantasy, a brand new world, wars, impending doom, a brave and valiant hero, but in all of those, it fell flat. BUT let’s start first with what I did like because there was still some of that. I love the premise of this story, like LOVE it. It very much reminded me of a mash-up of Star Wars and D&D. The world has a very deep…

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    Attack On TBR: Witches, Fae, And Breaking Up With Blake

    Attack On TBR

    Hello, darling readers. IT’S FRIDAY!!! There’s nothing more exciting to me than a weekend full of book hauls, tea, fun treats, and mail surprises. It’s been over a month since we last took a peek at the reads I revived from the TBR grave, and there’s so much to discuss! From witches and wicked faeries to  sassy serial killers and unrelenting darkness, April was packed so many amazing stories. However, it was also struck with a tinge of disappointment, which is where I’m going to start this talk. After all, endings are really just beginnings in disguise. Blue Moon Laurell K. Hamilton Genre: PNR, UF, Mystery  Audience/Market: Adult Publisher: Berkley Books   …

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    Book Review: A Modern Day Hávamál by Donngal mac Ronain

    Bookish Valhalla: Modern Day Havamal Review Image

    As a novice of Norse Heathenry and Norse Mythology, I was excited to start reading Donngal mac Ranain’s interpretation of the Hávamál in a modern context. Gone is the old school patriarchal ideology, in with a new gender neutral and more approachable book of Odin’s wisdom. “[59] If you have work to do, get up early and get it done. If you lay there and do nothing, you will lose more than time.”– Odin What I loved about the book was how easy it was to read. It was something that did not need to be deciphered. Older versions can be hard to follow because they are written in an…

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    Attack On TBR: A Feast of Vampires, Samurai, and Space Ships

    Attack On TBR

    I’ve got problems, and all of them are related to my Babylon Tower of books I own, but have never read. Since transferring to the University of Washington, creating Bookish Valhalla, and diving into literary internships, I devoted most of my free time to either reading for authors or studying for exams; I don’t regret a single day of it! However, I do miss digging around in my TBR pile and reading simply for the blind adventure of it all. I think my current TBR stack, virtual and IRL is 1,500 books? 2,000 books? I can’t even remember, but it’s grown so high, I’ll be happily reading well into the afterlife. With Attack On TBR, though,…