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    Book Review: A Modern Day Hávamál by Donngal mac Ronain

    Bookish Valhalla: Modern Day Havamal Review Image

    As a novice of Norse Heathenry and Norse Mythology, I was excited to start reading Donngal mac Ranain’s interpretation of the Hávamál in a modern context. Gone is the old school patriarchal ideology, in with a new gender neutral and more approachable book of Odin’s wisdom. “[59] If you have work to do, get up early and get it done. If you lay there and do nothing, you will lose more than time.”– Odin What I loved about the book was how easy it was to read. It was something that did not need to be deciphered. Older versions can be hard to follow because they are written in an…

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    Book Review: House of Ash & Brimstone by Megan Starks

    House of Ash & Brimstone Book Review Image

    As we all know, I definitely do judge books by their covers and while I hate to start a review off negative (especially when I actually loved the book), I did not like this cover. It’s not that the design itself is bad, it’s definitely good quality artwork, I just…don’t like it. Too much is going on and honestly, it makes both the characters look immature. After reading the book, I don’t think it does the story or characters justice either. Then we have the blurb, oh you sweet, beautiful blurb. I don’t often get to read urban fantasy books about demons, especially not with them living among humankind peacefully…

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    Book Review: Swallowtail by Brenna Twohy

    Swallowtail by Brenna Twohy

    Once upon a time, whilst perusing Netgalley, a starving reader came across a magical collection of — Hold up. This is NOT how this fairytale of poetic adventure went. Well, mostly. It’s true I stumbled on Swallowtail while searching through ransacking Netgalley. It’d been awhile since I’ve stepped outside my circle of favorite poets and I wanted to give new voices a chance to win over my heart. Lo and behold, there it was. A stunning cover with a butterfly thing on it grabbed my attention and, without even reading the blurb (as I sometimes ignore), I requested it. And received it. Go me! In truth, there’s so much to say…

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    Book Review: Rain & Embers by Ali Nuri

    I was excited to read Rain & Embers because finding a collection of poetry that I really enjoy has proven difficult for me in the past. But Nuri’s book had the perfect formatting for me. The poems were not too short to where I barely understood the meaning, and not to long so that I didn’t get lost or lose interest. I also had yet to read a poetry book with these themesand it intrigued me. What I Liked: Rain & Embers is an easy to read, easy to feel collection of poetry. It didn’t take long for me to gather the themes and emotions of this book. I enjoyed…