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    Writer In Motion: The Final Draft

    Well, lovely readers, Writer In Motion has officially come to an end. After six weeks of writing, self-editing, gaining feedback, and sending it along to an editor, I can officially call this the craziest — and most amazing — project I’ve ever participated in. Despite what the title claims, I wouldn’t call this a final draft. Not for this project, anyways, but this is the most polished version of Saudade out there. A massive THANK YOU to Jeni Chappelle for being my editor this week. Notes about Jeni’s edits: Because word-glitter (aka visual bombing) is kind of a bad habit of mine, I asked Jeni to highlight lines that were…

  • Writer In Motion

    Writer In Motion: How My CPs Shaped the Third Draft

    Welcome back, lovely readers! It’s week 5 of the Writer In Motion project, and boy did I have major edits to make. This week was all about critique partner feedback and applying it to the third draft of our project. This phase in the editing process is hard for me; it means trusting others to be honest and constructive. It’s difficult for me to hand my brain baby over to a stranger to be poked and prodded, but with the right people, critiques can be invaluable. I’m so glad to have shared my work this week with two kind souls: Belinda and Fariha. So, I want to dedicate this third…

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    Writer In Motion: Attack Of The Self-Edits

    THE SECOND DRAFT Here it is, lovely readers. This is the second (self-edited) draft of my project for Writer In Motion. If you recall from last week, my first draft had roughly 494 words in total. I wasn’t sure what I was going to edit in or out this week, so I focused on trying to add layers of emotional complexity to Atlas (second person makes this so hard!) and playing with visual descriptions. The easiest part is seeing it in my head. The hardest part is writing it (go figure!). Anywho, this raised the word count of my second draft to 739. That’s only 245, and I do feel…

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