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Cover Reveal: An Epic Look At WINDWARD by S. Kaeth

Cover Reveal: An Epic Look At WINDWARD by S. Kaeth

It’s a week of promoting High Fantasies, folks, and with this one, we have quite literally taken to the sky! Okay, okay….maybe not literally (and perhaps I was being a bit cheesy there), but the point is, this upcoming release brings a whole new meaning to “soaring to new heights.”

And I’m sure it’ll blow you all away. Well, at least this gorgeous cover will!

I want to preface this by saying I know the author. Not like face-to-face kind of know, but we adventured into the Writer In Motion project together via the Twitterverse and she’s pretty awesome. Always entertaining and bursting with imagination. And I really wanted to be part of her cover reveal party!

For those of you who don’t know, release dates are pretty darn special to writers. It’s kind of like Christmas or the birth of a child or that time, in 5th grade, when you got the blue ribbon for your Art 😀 But cover reveals are just as beloved ❤️ And I’m honored to be part of this special moment.

BUT before I reveal the cover, here’s the blurb for WINDWARD:

When dragons fight, mountains weep.

In nests high in the mountains, dragons and dragonbonded share their lives, thoughts, feelings, and ambitions.

Palon and her partner, the dragon Windward, are renowned among their nest for their flying skill. Their days are filled with everything she loves, especially riding the wind. Even being tasked with teaching their way of life to Tebah, a rebellious newly bonded teenager, can’t bring her down too much.

But when treasures from the dragons’ hoards are found in Palon’s collection, her idyllic life comes crashing down. She battles to prove her innocence, while her every move is cast as further evidence against her. Tebah’s suspicion, homesickness, and defiance would be frustrating even in easy times. With Palon in the spotlight while her rivals smear her name at every turn and stir up plots of revenge, her teenage charge’s behavior proves dangerous.

Dragon tempers shorten, and challenges and disputes shake the ground. Palon will have to trust more than just herself if she hopes to once more own the sky.

Are You Ready to See This EPIC Cover?!?!


The release date for WINDWARD is set for September 27th, and you can snag your very own pre-orders now!



S Kaeth is a dreamer and always has been, as well as a mega geek of various geekeries.

She was raised in the gorgeous Driftless area of the Midwest United States on a steady diet of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, mythology, legends of King Arthur, superheroes, and Doctor Who. As a child, she told stories constantly, to family, to friends, and she wrote some of the worst fan fiction and short stories that no one will ever get to see. Seriously, they were bad.

As S got older, she was inspired a great deal by Andre Norton’s Janus novels, the Foundation series, the Ender’s Game series, Wheel of Time, Ursula K LeGuin, and books like Ringworld. She spent her free time with her best friend or her imagination, walking and thinking and making up worlds. They created their very own roleplaying system with its own class system and lore and mechanics. In fact, it actually creates the basic underpinnings of the “magic system” in her novels today, though she’s polished and improved those early brainstormings. She was honored to be a Writer In Motion!

Her favorite books and inspirations include: Michael J Sullivan, Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives, Robin Hobb, Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer Series, NK Jemisin, and Patrick Rothfuss.
Want to know more about SK? You can stalk her and all her awesomeness HERE.

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