Monsterland Reanimated Blog Hop: Character Interview & Giveaway

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Monsterland Reanimated

Interview with Vincent Konrad

Q: Last we heard things weren’t going so well for you…to say the least. In fact, readers might be quite surprised to see that you’re still at the same old dastardly doings. What have you been up to since we left you?

Well, despite having my head ripped off by a silly werewolf who didn’t receive a chip in the neck, I’m doing quite well actually. My handy sidekick Igor did a fantabulous job looking for my decapitated head and has me now hooked up to the machines underneath my park. I’m just waiting on my good friend Dr. Hugh Frasier to make it here. Plan B will be in full effect. You always have to have a plan B. My monsters are all getting ready with my plan to take over the world.

Q: People are calling you an evil madman. What do you say to this?

Oh my dear boy, I’m hardly a madman. I’m a genius. Not even an evil genius. I know what humanity needs. These poor souls on this spinning ball don’t even know what’s good for them. They think I want to hurt everyone. Furthest thing from the truth. They have to trust me. You do, right?

Q: Monsterland didn’t exactly go as planned before so what makes you think it’ll work this time?

I have the utmost confidence in my Plan B. The good doctor will be here soon and implement the…the…the stuff. My trusty assistant Igor is digging up the zombies as we speak. We are going to wrap them up and they will continue my plans for world domination. Additionally, I shall be getting a body soon. A very large body soon. Looking forward to getting back on my feet! This headless thing is for the birds.  

Q: We’re hearing reports of something called a Glob. How would you describe this…ummm…creature?

Ah, yes, the Glob. Is that what you kids are calling it today? Very well. The Glob. The “stuff” from Area 51. That’s my Plan B. That will get everything working again. It has the ability to suck the life from living things and reanimate…dead things.

Q: Tell us about the Mummies. They don’t sound as scary as Werewolves, Zombies or Vampires…are they?

Not scary? Humph. You ain’t seen nothing yet, good man. Mummies are reanimated zombies. They are simply dead things wrapped in linen. How do you reanimate something dead? See the last question.

Q: You had people fooled the first time, but now they know you’re not exactly playing with a full deck. Have you gone full on wacko this time around…a kind of you against the world? Do you even care?

Why don’t you ask me the same exact question when I have this brilliant head sewn onto to the massive six-foot-nine body on the gurney over there? Then I’ll be able to answer your question.


Michael Okon is a bestselling author and screenwriter. Monsterland Reanimated, Book Two in the Monsterland series, was just released on April 13, 2018 and promises to be bigger and badder than Book One. Michael invites readers to connect with him on his website.  



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