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    Attack On TBR: A Feast of Vampires, Samurai, and Space Ships

    Attack On TBR

    I’ve got problems, and all of them are related to my Babylon Tower of books I own, but have never read. Since transferring to the University of Washington, creating Bookish Valhalla, and diving into literary internships, I devoted most of my free time to either reading for authors or studying for exams; I don’t regret a single day of it! However, I do miss digging around in my TBR pile and reading simply for the blind adventure of it all. I think my current TBR stack, virtual and IRL is 1,500 books? 2,000 books? I can’t even remember, but it’s grown so high, I’ll be happily reading well into the afterlife. With Attack On TBR, though,…

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    DNF: House of Earth & Blood by Sarah J. Maas

    House of Earth and Blood Featured Image

    Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this story from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I tried, tried, tried, but for the life of me, I couldn’t finish this book. My experience with Maas is not unlike a rickety roller coaster: I’m certain the whole thing will crumble; I brace myself for the thrill of the fall, but when the ride is finally over, I’m actually more disappointed the whole thing didn’t crash and burn. Seriously, I’m not 100% sure what I expected. I’ve read all of the ACOTAR series and then, at the behest of a friend, attempted TOG. I had to stop at the point where the…

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    Book Review: House of Ash & Brimstone by Megan Starks

    House of Ash & Brimstone Book Review Image

    As we all know, I definitely do judge books by their covers and while I hate to start a review off negative (especially when I actually loved the book), I did not like this cover. It’s not that the design itself is bad, it’s definitely good quality artwork, I just…don’t like it. Too much is going on and honestly, it makes both the characters look immature. After reading the book, I don’t think it does the story or characters justice either. Then we have the blurb, oh you sweet, beautiful blurb. I don’t often get to read urban fantasy books about demons, especially not with them living among humankind peacefully…

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    Book Review: Swallowtail by Brenna Twohy

    Swallowtail by Brenna Twohy

    Once upon a time, whilst perusing Netgalley, a starving reader came across a magical collection of — Hold up. This is NOT how this fairytale of poetic adventure went. Well, mostly. It’s true I stumbled on Swallowtail while searching through ransacking Netgalley. It’d been awhile since I’ve stepped outside my circle of favorite poets and I wanted to give new voices a chance to win over my heart. Lo and behold, there it was. A stunning cover with a butterfly thing on it grabbed my attention and, without even reading the blurb (as I sometimes ignore), I requested it. And received it. Go me! In truth, there’s so much to say…

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