Review Policies



This is probably the most important page for anyone seeking to request a review or promotional event with our blog. It tells you all about who we are (through our reading preferences) and whether we’re a good fit. We fully understand the need to market one’s book and the vital role a blog plays in helping to spread the word, but know that we do not market or boost any stories we wouldn’t personally read or recommend. If you’re unsure whether your story would fit in at Bookish Valhalla, we encourage you to reach out. Can’t hurt to ask!

NOTICE: Due to Covid-19, we’re pausing acceptance of any requests for the next month as our Valkyries get back on their feet, catch up with current reads, and devote time to their health/families/communities. Requests can be sent in, but please know these will likely not be considered until late April or May, depending on the needs of our reviewers. We ask for your patience, but we also ask authors and publishers to be kind to themselves and their own health during this time.

Review Policy on Bookish Valhalla

Disclosure: We review ARCS, new releases, and previously published books. We accept requests from Independent (Indie) and Traditional publishers, as well as from publicists, blog tour managers, and self-published authors. Unless otherwise stated, all books have been purchased.

Genres We Do NOT Review: Non-fiction // Erotica // Contemporary // High Fantasy // Mysteries // Comedy // Cookbooks // Westerns // Romance* // Memoir // Historical Fiction // Political anythings.

*We are open to receiving Paranormal Romance (PNR) or Supernatural Romance (SNR), but only on a case-by-case basis and only if it goes with the atmosphere of the blog (for example, a Steampunk or urban fantasy PNR are right up our alley; a historical PNR is not).

Markets/Audiences We review: Young Adult // New Adult // Adult.

Genres We DO Review: Speculative Fiction // Science Fiction // Fantasy // Urban Fantasy // Steampunk // Cyberpunk // Biopunk // Grimdark // Gothic // Horror // Thriller // Suspense // Psychological // Dark Fantasy // Dystopian // Apocalyptic // Supernatural // Paranormal // Folklore // Mythology // Magical Realism // Poetry // Graphic Novels // Manga // Manhwa

Note: This list does not represent what each Book Valkyrie reads/reviews, nor is it comprehensive of genres we accept. This list is to give you some idea of which genres the blog as a whole typically reads. Before sending a request, please check out our specific preferences under The Book Valkyries tab, and check out a few of our reviews to get a feel for what we typically like.

Accepted Formats For Review: Print (ARCS or finished copies) // E-galleys/digital (compatible with Kindle, if possible)

How To Request a Review

In Our Reviews, We Include The Following :

  • Book cover
  • Book summary & details from Goodreads (including GENRE/Age Cat)
  • Deadline, if there is one
  • Author, publisher, and purchase links
  • Our honest opinions — what we loved, what we didn’t, and why
  • Verdict & star rating


When Requesting A Review : To request a review, send an email to bookishvalhalla(at)

  • The following need to be included in your review request:
    • Title, age-category, genre, publisher, page number
    • Summary of the book along with book cover
    • Links to places the book can be purchased
    • Author image, bio, and social media links
    • Preferred Book Valkyrie to review your novel
    • Bonus: Why Bookish Valhalla is a good fit for your novel
  • PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH A COPY OF YOUR BOOK IN THE REQUEST. This is a huge security risk and such requests will be automatically rejected.

Failure to adhere to these request guidelines won’t necessarily get you rejected, but it’s always nice and respectful when everything we need is sent.

Review Timelines

How long does it take for Bookish Valhalla to review a book? Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) and newly released books will receive top priority. Because we do collaborate closely with traditional publishers and imprints, these receive the highest priority.

However, we also support Indie publishers and self-published authors, and if we receive ARC review requests from either of these , we make them a higher priority.

We cannot promise to review a book within a certain number of days or weeks. Sometimes we devour a book in a single day, other times it can take us months. It depends on the number of reviews we’ve accepted, and how busy we are. Even if we accept a novel to review, it does not guarantee that we will write a review. We always make an effort to read all the books we receive, but sometimes time constraints, a lack of interest, or shifting priorities force us to put a book aside.

Our promise to you: We will always post our honest opinions and reflections. Our reviews may be positive, negative, or somewhere in between, but we do our best to weigh what we loved and what we didn’t. Length and formats may vary, depending on the book and the reviewer. We try cross-post to Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and Netgalley.


 Bookish Valhalla’s Rating Scale


The truth is, we can’t predict how a book will make us feel. Book Valkyries like us are unpredictable, insatiable, and always on the hunt for stories to covet. Because we’re so complicated, our rating scale is rather simple.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = WE’RE OBSESSED. EMOTIONAL. HUNGOVER. IN LOVE. We’ve devoured the story like starving thieves, and now lick the lingering ink off our fingers. WE COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN — AND GODS, WE DIDN’T WANT TO! We want more. We need more. GIVE US MORE.

This rating is our highest. It means we LOVED the book. The plot was captivating. The characters were memorable, well-developed, and worth rooting for. And that romantic subplot? Totally, undeniably delicious. The twists were unpredictable, the pacing was fantastic, and the writing style is unforgettable and gorgeous. This is a book we will NEVER tire of re-reading.

★ ★ ★ ★ = WE WOULD SPEND ALL NIGHT WITH THIS BOOK. We really liked it. There are some scenes we definitely loved. There may have been a few things we weren’t crazy about. Or there may be nothing wrong with the book, it just didn’t blow us away.  We would recommend this book to most people and think most people would really enjoy this book. Go read it and tell us your thoughts!

★ ★ ★ = IT WAS OKAY. Overall, this book was good. We didn’t love it. We didn’t hate it. There may have been more than a few things that bothered us while reading this book, and we may not have been able to put our finger on all of them. We would still recommend this book; it just wasn’t a favorite of ours.

This rating isn’t necessarily negative, but it’s not wholly positive. The characters may have been a little unlikable or inconsistent. The plot might have had a few holes or may have been too predictable. And the pacing? It may have been too fast or too slow. There are a million reasons why we give a three-star review, one of which is that it simply wasn’t 100% for us. We’d still recommend it to others who like may enjoy this kind of book.

★ ★ = WE MAY HAVE LIKED A FEW THINGS, BUT IN THE END, IT WASN’T OUR CUPPA. There may have been a few elements or moments we liked. However, what we disliked outweighed what we enjoyed. This rating is often reserved for books that are lacking in areas that make or break our commitment to them: the writing style, characterization, world-building. and/or problematic plot lines. We may have liked a few moments in the story, but our warm and fuzzies were overwhelmed by whatever it’s lacking.

It’s rare we give this low of a rating because we reserve it for books we struggled to finish and couldn’t find more than a handful of reasons to love it. We wanted to like it, but due to flat characters, inconsistent plots, or some other issue, we just….couldn’t.

= DNF. We disliked this book and had several issues with it. There wasn’t anything about the book that we enjoyed. Some things in this book may have been offensive to us.