Review Policy

My review policy is rather simple: I’m always open to receive books to review. I will do my best to reply to you personally. The best way to reach me is via email at Please take a few things into consideration:

  • I prefer physical copies, but if unavailable, I will consider Kindle copies. At this time, I cannot accept EPUB, Adobe, or PDFs.
  • With university, an editing business, and my own writing endeavors, I’m not a particularly fast reader these days. However, I will try my hardest to read & review your book as soon as I can. IF you happen to have a deadline, please include this in your email.
  • Receiving ARCs does not, in any way, impact my honest opinion. I will always be upfront in my reviews about whether or not I’ve received the book directly from the publisher or author.
  • Although I do accept donations from authors and publishers who wish to help my little book castle in the cloud stay afloat, I do not accept payment for reviews or ARCs. Donations do not affect my honest opinion of a book.
  • I maintain the right not to review books sent to me. If I didn’t particularly enjoy a book or was unable to finish it, I would rather not review it at all than give it a bad review.

Preferred audiences/markets:

    • Upper Middle Grade (very picky)
    • Young Adult
    • Adult

Preferred genres/subgenres:

  • I am interested in most subgenres of fantasy, but I’d love to see more:
    • urban fantasies | portal fantasies | alt worlds |magical realism
    • grimdark | gothic | horror
    • mythic | fable | folklore |retellings
    • supernatural/paranormal
    • thrillers | suspense (no mysteries, please)
    • science fiction | slipstream | steampunk | cyberpunk | bio
    • graphic novels
    • poetry

I lean more toward YA & NA for fantasies, but if you’ve got an Adult fantasy in the vein of True Blood or The Boneless Mercies, send it along.

It should be noted that I prefer adult SF to YA. I’m not a huge fan of female domination or homogenous races.

This list isn’t comprehensive, but it is what I’m most interested in reading right now and will likely prioritize.

Not Interested In

  • political anythings
  • erotica | westerns | satire | humor
  • high fantasy (love LOTR, but never cared for other HF stories)
  • historical fiction
  • works for children (anything under Middle Grade)
  • mysteries (sorry cozies, but not right now)
  • memoirs | autobiographies | fiction based on real life stuff



How to Submit a Review Request

  • Request the right reader for your book: Ari, Nicole, or AJ. Pay special attention to our bios and check out the reviews we’ve written recently.
  • Type “Review Request”: (title) – (genre) in the subject line. Please indicate who you believe is best suited to review your novel.