Thank you for stopping by Bookish Valhalla! Please read over all of the information below before making inquiries. We reserve the right to automatically reject requests that fail to adhere to our policies or do not align with our tastes.

Accepted Genres

Although we have rather eclectic tastes when it comes to fiction, Bookish Valhalla does not review all genres.  At our discretion, we may promote genres we do not review along the borders of the site, in monthly email blasts, author spotlights, and other promotional features. Please refer to the list below for genres we accept review requests for.

Genres We Review:

Preferred Markets: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult.

We are most interested in reviewing:

  • Fantasy
  • Urban fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Steampunk | Cyberpunk
  • Thriller | Suspense
  • Supernatural | Paranormal
  • Horror | Grimdark
  • Gothic & Dark fantasy
  • Dystopian | Apocalyptic
  • Folklore | Mythology
  • Magical Realism
  • Graphic Novels | Manga | Manhwa
  • Poetry

We are not interested in:

  • Political anythings
  • Non-fiction
  • Romance genre (romance as main plot)
  • Erotica
  • Erotic romance
  • Comedy | Satires
  • Westerns (unless you’ve got something like Firefly)
  • High Fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Works for children (anything under Middle Grade)
  • Mysteries (sorry cozies, but not right now)
  • Greek | Roman retellings or mythos.


Bookish Valhalla, first and foremost, is a realm for books, and the readers who can’t get enough of them. Book reviews will be cross-posted to Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Book Depository upon their released date, and we’ll promote the reviews across our social media pages. ARC reviews will not be published more than 30 days prior to the book’s release date. As much as we’d like to love every book that comes our way, sometimes we cannot finish a book or have rated it below our general cut-off (3-stars). In this case, we may post a DNF review/discussion with a rationale behind our ratings. We understand receiving negative reviews can be upsetting, so these reviews will not be cross-posted or shared across social media.

We do try to review books received within a month, but we cannot guarantee a review will be posted, especially one of a certain rating if a review is posted. If you are requesting a review for a tour or another time-sensitive event, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate it, if our schedule allows.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests we receive in a given month, we cannot respond to all inquiries; going forward, we will only reply to requests that interest us.

Accepted Formats: Print (highly preferred), eBook (Kindle .mobi or PDF preferred).

To send a request, please email us here with the following details:

  • Subject line should include REVIEW REQUEST: Book title, genre, age-category/market, and the name of the reviewer you’d like to send it to.
  • In the body of your email, include the release date, deadline, summary, number of pages, links to purchase, and a note explaining why we’re a good fit. In addition, send along an author bio, photograph, and social media links.
  • Let us know if you’re interested in any of the promotional features.

Send an email to BookishValhalla@Hotmail.com

Please note: If you submit a book for review outside of what we read or fail to include the above (necessary) details, we may choose to ignore your request. Give your request its BEST shot of getting a review by taking time to follow our guidelines.

Rating Scale

The truth is, we can’t predict how a book will make us feel. Book Valkyries like us are unpredictable, insatiable, and always on the hunt for stories to covet. Because we’re so complicated, our rating scale is rather simple.

♡♡♡♡♡ = We’ve devoured the story like starving thieves, and now lick the lingering ink off our fingers. We might be hungover. We’re definitely emotional. We want more. We need more. GIVE US MORE.

♡♡♡♡ = We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and we’ll shove it in everyone’s face, begging them to buy it so we can all fangirl out over it. Highest recommendations.

♡♡♡ = We wanted to love this book more, but it was average. Nothing to write home about or rave, but not the worst book. We’d recommend it if you like this sort of story…but it wasn’t really for us.

♡♡ = To be honest, this wasn’t the book for us. We just….couldn’t.

♡ = We tried, but ultimately, this book was a DNF for us.

0 = This doesn’t even compute for us. How did we hate a book this much? This was supposed to be impossible!


If you’re interested in participating in an author interview, blog tour, or writing a guest post for Bookish Valhalla, please contact us via email.

  • INTERVIEWS do not require a book to review, and are open to any author writing within one of our preferred genres. Interviews will include 20 questions or less, and authors are free to answer as many as they’d like. We do ask for a bio, a photograph, and links to social media to include in the interview.
  • THE FOLKLORE FILES is an upcoming summer event for authors/writers/scholars to discuss the influence of folklore/legends/mythology on their work.
  • GUEST POSTS may be on any topic related to books or writing. These posts can be lists, videos, book playlists, discussion posts, and so on.
  • BLOG TOURS are welcome at Bookish Valhalla so long as the books are from one of our preferred genres.
  • AUTHOR SPOTLIGHTS are for all authors, whether we review their book genre or not. We feature author spotlights twice a month, usually in the second and last weeks of each month. If interested, please be sure to send us all the information we may need in order to post.
  • VALKYRIE ARCHIVES is specifically for editors and book bloggers. We like to keep track of a list of trusted editors for our writers to choose from, and a list of fellow book bloggers for our readers to check out. We’ll promote your specials and boost your recent posts each month. If you’re a writer or book blogger, and you want to be included in the archives, let us know!
  • TEA TALKS are for mad hatters who want to send us samples of tea to review and promote. We’ve reviewed for companies such as Plum Deluxe and Blend Bee, sharing our love of their teas with our tea-leave reading, hat-wearing, rabbit hole diving readers. And if you have a tea worth tasting, we’d love to try it.


In accordance with FTC guidelines, we receive no compensation for the reviews or any promotional content that we post. Books are from our own personal libraries (purchases, gifts, etc), authors and publishers, public library, or websites such as NetGalley and Edelweiss. All reviews from 2019 onwards will include a disclaimer with the source of the book and an indication if the review came from a request.

Thank you for considering Bookish Valhalla!