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“I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else.” ― Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Ari Augustine, Developmental EditorHi! I’m Ari Augustine, a literary agent intern and freelance developmental editor with six years experience. I’ve worn many hats in publishing–writer of SFF, reviewer for indie and trad publishers alike, and creator of  Bookish Valhalla, to name a few–but as an editor, I love teaming up with writers, helping them to not only bring their stories to life, but also develop their own unique voice and style. Dubbed the Queen of Show by fellow editors, I am most passionate about helping writers craft immersive worlds, create deep, complex character arcs that resonate with readers, and explore the interactive elements of their stories that will give them an edge in a competitive market. I specialize in: Deep POV, characterization, show versus tell, voice, and world-building in YA and crossover YA/A markets.

I edit most genres of fiction, but my strengths are in: Science Fiction, Alternate History, Contemporary Fantasy (or low fantasies in general), Gothic/Occult/Dark Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Paranormal/Supernatural Romances, Magical Realism, Literary Fiction, and cross-genre works. I love romantic subplots, magic and monsters, and stories so dark, I’ll never be the same when I close the covers.


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Y’all, @SouffleLumiere (Ari Augustine)is a phenomenal editor. She brought to my attention what wasn’t working in my MS in such a respectful manner while giving me ideas to solve the issues. She nailed it. Like… she gave me glasses and suddenly I can see. That good. ~ Crystal J. Bell

Working with Ari has been one of the single most life-changing experiences in my writing career. Brainstorming sessions with her are not only about writing but about working through some of the doubts that keep me as a writer from realizing my full creative potential. Ari is an expert at dissuading fears and concerns and building her clients up so they can feel more confident moving forward into their work. She’s great at offering suggestions and questions that get the creative cogs turning to help connect plot holes and string together act sequences. When it comes to editing, Ari is a wizard at building a critique system of not only supporting what is good in a draft but also encouraging the work in the best direction it could take. She is an advocate for making writers believe in their abilities and coaching them through doubts and roadblocks, offering insights and a fresh look at a manuscript that takes it from okay to excellent. As a writer, Ari understands the unique challenges creatives face and is able to offer that insight along with the straightforward mind of an editor to see when work has the potential to be better. She pushes her clients to get out of their own heads and look at their work from a different perspective to be objective. But with a stern hand, she also has a loving approach to support, uplift, and encourage them through their re-writes so they are confident and as in love with their work as she is. ~ Avhlee Guyton-White

For anyone considering hiring Ari, she’s amazing. The fastest beta I’ve ever had (hired or otherwise), and the report she provides is extensive, sharp, and thorough (and honest). I’ve hired other betas at higher costs who didn’t provide anything close to the comprehensive insights she did. I couldn’t have been happier with her service <3 ~ T.L Martin



All edits are provided through the Track Changes feature in Google Docs or Word, depending on your preferences. This is so you can view all the side notes I have as well as accept or reject edits with ease. Types of payment accepted: Venmo, PayPal, or by check.


Developmental Edit:

Developmental editing focuses on comprehensive storytelling elements, such as description, plot development, character arcs, world-building, emotional connection, pacing, exposition, and much more. In a editorial note, I will address the strengths and weaknesses of your story as a whole, and provide detailed suggestions for improvement. In addition to this, you’ll also receive a fully annotated copy of your manuscript, where I will make note of everything listed within the editorial letter, point to smaller issues, offer specific feedback, and leave comments on everything that absolutely shined.

Starts at $15 per 1,000 words


Comp Title Research:

If traditional publishing is your goal, comparable titles (comps) are important when it comes to querying agents or publishers with your story. These inform agents and editors of your work’s sales potential, genre, and audience. Comps also help agents and editors pitch your story to those who are not as familiar with it, including acquiring editors, publicists, etc. This service is provided in addition to an edit or based off the first chapter and the synopsis. You’ll receive a few book, film, or TV series comparable title suggestions that fit your work and why.

All Comp research is a flat fee of $20.


Plot Brainstorming | Characterization Consultation:

Trapped in writer’s block? Need help brainstorming? Not sure where to take that plot twist? Struggling to flesh out your character? Getting the same old feedback, but overwhelmed? Take a deep breathe; I got you.

One of my favorite aspects of the writing process is sitting down with fellow writers and hearing their ideas. I love to watch their stories go from fleeting thought to  full-blown book, even if the journey from A to B is a hot mess. I’m here to make it less messy–or maybe more, depending on your story’s needs. I offer one-on-one consultations for writers of all levels and stages in the process. This service includes a pre-scheduled phone call or Zoom/Skype video and detailed feedback between roughly 3-5 pages.

Flat rate $100 per hour.


Sensitivity Reads:

Sensitivity readers review unpublished manuscripts with the sole purpose of identifying issues with representation, stereotypes, language, or cultural inaccuracies. This feedback helps to improve the quality of the book as a whole and to ensure representation has been adequately–and accurately–translated onto the page. A sensitivity read does not censor your creativity, dictate what you are allowed to write, or hunt for offensive content; rather, the ultimate goal is to make sure the perspective you’ve researched and written into your story has been executed in the best, most authentic way possible. At the end of the day, it’s your choice which feedback to accept or put aside. Representation I read for includes: 

  • Foster Care
  • Womanhood | Feminism
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Sexual | Emotional | Physical Abuse
  • Poverty | Working Class
  • Obesity, Body Image
  • Food Addiction

Qualifications: I have lived through or continue to life with everything on this list.

This service does not include an annotated copy of your manuscript, but you will receive a detailed report with my findings. Turnaround is typically between 2-5 weeks, depending on booking schedule.

Flat fee rates:

$150 for 25k-50k

$250 for 50k-75k

$350 for 75k-100k


Bookish Valhalla offers a series of advertising options for authors, editors, and publishers. With thousands of readers from around the globe, our blog puts your book right under the noses of Valkyries on the hunt for something new to seek their talons into. The types of ads we offer include:

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Interested in getting your book onto the walls of Valhalla? Shoot us an email to bookishvalhalla(at), ATTN: Ad Services, for more info on ad space, pricing, scheduling, and availability. All posts are shared across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Our average web traffic details are currently as follows:


Alexa Traffic Rank (U.S): 79,240

Monthly pageviews: 11,438 (April 2020)

Pages per session: 1.76

We’re also featured on Indie Reviewers, BookSirens, and FeedSpot’s Top Book Blogs of 2020 list.


PLEASE NOTE: Bookish Valhalla reserves the right to REJECT, CANCEL, or OMIT advertising that doesn’t align with, either in appearance, tone, content, or general message, the vibe of the blog.

Book An Appointment

Thanks so much for checking out the editorial and advertising services offered here at Bookish Valhalla. To book an appointment, send the following information to bookishvalhalla(at), ATTN: Editorial Services. Please include the following in the body of the email:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Service requested
  • Genre | Market | Word Count.
  • Note any specific concerns you might have

Service times vary based on booking schedule. Rushed edit requests may have an additional fee. Because it’s so important to make sure we’re a good fit for each other, I offer 5 page sample edit prior to booking at no cost for those who request it.

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