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    Interview With Dahlia Adler, Editor of His Hideous Heart

    This week, Bookish Valhalla has had the honor of participating in Flatiron’s Blog Tour for the upcoming release of HIS HIDEOUS HEART, an anthology collection of retellings inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. Not only did we get to review an ARC of the anthology (which you should totally check out, by the way!) , we also had the chance to chat with Dahlia Adler, editor and contributor to the collection. [Bookish Valhalla]: Again, thanks so much for joining us, Dahlia. It’s truly an honor. Please, tell us a bit about yourself. What has been your publishing journey thus far? [Adler]: Thanks for having me! It’s been a pretty varied ride! I’ve…

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    Q&A With Peter Roe, Composer Of Cinematic Electronic Music

    The first time I ever listened to a Peter Roe piece was when I was in the early stages of writing Reikai // Threads of Fate. There’s nothing in this world like discovering a new composer or musician who, in turn, fuels your own creativity. But what I love most about Roe’s tracks is their cinematic flair, and the way every song invokes feeling. Literally, I get goosebumps, and chills down my spine with every unexpected beat. So when he accepted my invitation for an interview, I think my heart exploded into little shreds of confetti. Pretty sure I’m fangirling right now. Please join me in welcoming Peter Roe to…

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    Fantastical Q&A With Stephen Zimmer, Author of Dream of the Navigator

      “1984 and Brave New World meets Narnia” in this exciting new young adult release from award-wining author Stephen Zimmer.  Four main characters begin their journeys in the Faraway Saga, a tale that invites readers to explore infinite horizons! [divider] [RAVENOUS]: Tell me about Dream of the Navigator. What inspired you to write it? [ZIMMER]: A lot of things came together to inspire Dream of the Navigator.  Watching trends in society and technology, and patterns, definitely inspired the vision of the massive technates that serve as the main population centers within the world portrayed in the book.  It is a fusion of dystopian and utopian elements that are used by…

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