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    Blog Tour: Interview With B.R. Myers, Author of ROGUE PRINCESS

    Rogue Princess by B.R. Myer

    Rogue PrincessB.R. MyersPublished by: Swoon ReadsPublication date: January 21st 2020Genres: Retelling, Science Fiction, Young Adult A princess fleeing an arranged marriage teams up with a snarky commoner to foil a rebel plot in B. R. Myers’ Rogue Princess, a gender-swapped sci-fi YA retelling of Cinderella. Princess Delia knows her duty: She must choose a prince to marry in order to secure an alliance and save her failing planet. Yet she secretly dreams of true love, and feels there must be a better way. Determined to chart her own course, she steals a spaceship to avoid the marriage, only to discover a handsome stowaway. All Aidan wanted was to “borrow” a few palace…

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    Blog Blitz Tour: Sneak Peek Of Starlight by P.S Malcolm

    Starlight P.S. Malcolm (Starlight Chronicles) Publisher: Parliament House Publication date: December 10th 2019 Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult (age category) A treaty upholds the peaceful lands of Ersarence— who have suffered from the spilt blood of their humble goddess, Titania, which stains the hands of the ruthless Urenphians. Julian Rancewood— a small town delivery boy— wishes he could afford to save his dying mother. He never imagined a larger life for himself until he meets Adrina Hesfetter, the village seamstress’s daughter. After striking a deal with the elusive King’s advisor and joining the royal army, he finds himself helping to search for a missing, unknown heir. Against all odds, Adrina and…

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    Benevolent by Erin Jensen | A Review

    Benevolent Feature Image

    In truth, it has taken me an ridiculously long time to post this review, but by golly, here it is! The tale of how Benevolent came to be in my possession is a quaint one: Erin Jensen, the author, reached out to me, asking if I’d be willing to review her novel. A novel, she explained, that was inspired by the CW series Supernatural. And, more specifically, by Castiel. Did you hear that? A NOVEL INSPIRED BY CASTIEL! Have I not been shouting into the cavern of literature for years, demanding such a treasure?! Is this fate? Am I dreaming? Needless to say, it became clear to me as I read…

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    Book Tour Review + Giveaway: Helix by Mary Ting

    I’ve never had the pleasure of reading anything by Mary Ting until I got my hands on Helix — and it was worth reading every page. You ever get so famished for a good genre story? That’s how I’ve been with science fiction’s lately, so imagine my utter satisfaction when I couldn’t tear myself away from Helix. First off, I love that the main character is a woman with killer (as in awesome) abilities and loyal devotion to those she cares about. Ava is such a complex, strong, and ever-changing character — and I loved seeing how fierce she was in the face of finding her twin sister no matter…