Three Gorges Dam by Thomas V. Harris

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Three Gorges Dam by Thomas V. HarrisThree Gorges Dam by Thomas V. Harris
Published by BookBaby on January 31, 2018

If it weren’t for silly work getting in the way, I would not have put this book down. 😉 It’s a good fast-pace book about a consulting engineer on China’s Three Gorges Dam. The author flips the story between a few different views: the engineer and his work to save the dam, China’s leadership (including their President), and a terror- group revolting against the Chinese government. I had no problem diving into each view, and I liked the fast dialog. (I know some reviewers didn’t like the pace as much, but after the first few conversations, you got the hang of it).

One side of the story is through the consultant engineer’s eyes. He’s in high demand, and is sent to China for a project. While he’s there, he meets a woman and they are in whirlwind of a relationship/fling that comes screeching to a halt when their train, The Beijing Express, is targeted by a terrorist group; and his partner, Kylie, ends up with amnesia.

Pan to the second point of view: the Tibetan terrorists. They are tired of being oppressed and are planning to take out the Chinese president. Two of the leaders, one a Tibetan and the other a Spanish Merc are in charge of the operation. They are recruiting former Tibetan monks, but can they keep their operations a secret long enough to carry out their mission?

The third point of view is the Chinese government. While they are aware of the terrorists, they always seem to be one step behind the traitors. Each of the terrorist attacks and attempts end in suicide, so their search for who-dun-it is usually quickly stomped on.After Mike recovers from the massacre on the train , he is sent on another case in China, this time to Three Gorges Dam in secrecy. The dam is being overloaded, and the sudden earthquakes are not helping. And guess who his geological scientist is, none other than Kylie herself, with no memory of their past. To add fuel to the fire, the local Chinese people are protesting the Chinese government, including the Dam. It’s a race to see what breaks first: the dam, the Chinese Gov’t (from their people or the terrorists), or Mike’s will to tell Kylie about their past. 😉

This story does have a little romance weaving through it, but for those that don’t like reading “romance” novels, you’ll be fine. It doesn’t get too mushy and we will all still enjoy the story. Besides, she’s a smart cookie, too. It’s not a damsel in distress situation.

Word to the wise, there is some graphic explanations about torture and blood & guts. If it were a movie, I’d have covered my eyes.

All in all, it was a good action thriller book, and I almost wish there was another, but as most of these types of stories go you won’t need it. 🙂


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