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Winter Solstice 1k Giveaway

Dear Ravenous Readers ♥
I am both happy and grateful that all of you are a part of Ravenous for Reads. Because of your enthusiasm and engagement, my blog has reached 1,106 followers this month.

This is AMAZING! No, amazing isn’t even a grand enough word. Spectacular? Astonishing? Sensational? All right, I admit it. I’m using a thesaurus to dig up better words to capture how I’m feeling right now.
pineconesTo celebrate this joyous event, I will be hosting a Winter Solstice 1k Giveaway in December. It will run from December 1st to December 16th. I know it’s not precisely the Winter Solstice, but two winners will receive Amazon gift cards just in time for the holidays.
So, stay tuned. This season is about to get a little bit brighter.

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